From air testing to vintage car repairs, from prototype to finished product, there are no competitors in our field of manufacturing.
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Stotfold Engineering Design, Make, Fix, Repair, Restore Almost Anything

Stotfold Engineering Company Limited is based in Bedfordshire. It is managed by a small, but highly skilled team of time honoured craftsmen, who pride themselves in the quality of their workmanship. We endeavour to help our customers solve all aspects of manufacturing and development problems.

Stotfold Engineers is a second generation company moving towards its third and is considered to be unrivalled in its ability to produce such a diverse range of work under one roof. There are no competitors in our field of manufacturing.


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Stotfold Engineers offer a competent design consultation service

We can give recommendations for all your design and development work, including material specifications for given product. Prototype work is regularly undertaken by us.

Industry types

  • Aircraft
  • Boats
  • Colleges
  • Councils
  • Cranes
  • Food
  • Fisheries
  • MOD
  • Nuclear
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Alternative musical instruments
  • Classic motorcycle/car spares/parts
  • Agriculture, antique metal work restoration

Machine list

  • Welding - Tig, Mig, Arc Gas and Oxyacetaline
  • Turning - In gap 800mm Dia x 200mm long. Over bed 500mm dia x 1800mm long. Through spindle 85mm dia x 3000mm long.
  • Milling - 600mm thick x 600mm wide x 1800 long. 
  • Grinding (precision) - 250mm thick x 300mm wide x 600mm long.
  • Grinding (universal) - 250mm dia x 600mm long.

Machine list

  • Bending - 3000mm long x 6mm thick.
    1800mm long x 8mm thick.
    1200mm long x 12mm thick.
  • Shearing - 2400mm long x 10mm thick.
  • Rolling (power) 1200 wide x 8mm thick.
  • Box and pan folding.
  • Corner notching.
  • Band sawing.
  • Fly press.
  • Manual bending and ring rolling.
  • Honing.
  • Vapour blasting.

We also

  • Polish, repair, restore, weld anything
  • Make iron gates and railings
  • Make security doors and gates
  • Repair lawnmovers
  • Service lawnmovers
  • Sharpen lawmover blades
  • Fix motorcyles
  • Fix trailers
  • Fix air-rifles
  • Fix antique clocks
  • Repair mobility scooters